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What are QQ cards and what are they for

QQ stands for question-question. This is what QQ cards are all about: fifty psychological questions of various levels of depth and focus. This particular "Couple Deck" set is designed for couples who have been together for some time and want to grow deeper in their relationship.

QQ conversation cards are a good icebreaker

Photo: Boris Revo

Question cards help to create a safe playground for discussing profound and difficult points. We cannot guarantee you it will be fun and easy. It is possible that you may find some questions entertaining and others unpleasant or too difficult.

The goal is to learn about yourself and your partner, not to read and answer all the questions as quickly as possible. We assume that a comfortable pace is 2-3 questions per day, although we agree that there are couples who will be interested in asking all the questions at once. From our experience, we shall say that the question on the card is a start, a push towards greater awareness, but never a demand for an answer. If you have read the question and decided it is silly or doesn't match you and you don't want to ask it, we believe it is an important point to explore, to dive deep into your feelings and sensations.

You can imagine communicating together with QQ cards as a surface of a lake with different objects sticking out of it, but the water hides their real size and shape. As you read the question, you begin to pull that object out of the water. It might be something small and pleasant, but it might turn out to be the Loch Ness monster or a shipwreck. No one knows whether it's a treasure or not until you start to pull it to the surface.

Conversation card game for couples

Photo: Boris Revo

How to play? We imagine it will go like this:

  • You can put the deck next to your bed and an hour or two before bedtime, answer one question at a time. This will help you to tune in before you go to sleep, put aside your gadgets and talk just the two of you and only about you;

  • Because the box is small, you can easily take it with you and spend an interesting conversation while waiting in line or traveling;

  • Take them on a walk and talk while you are walking. Many people find it easier to be sincere that way than in a face-to-face contact;

  • Read the card question out loud and guess what your partner will answer, then match your guess with the actual answer. How much do you really know each other?

  • Take your cards on a date or a trip together. If nothing will distract you, unexpected revelations may appear.

There are dozens of other places and circumstances in which you can read QQ cards. But we want to warn you that it is still an insightful format, not an entertaining one. Sometimes refusing to answer a question is more telling and revealing. Please be kind to yourself and your partner!


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