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10 signs what a healthy relationship looks like

Healthy relationships are something many people dream about, but they don't always understand how to achieve or maintain them. Partners who respect, support, communicate, and grow together can create a strong bond that brings joy and satisfaction to both. However, how do you know if a relationship is healthy? In this article, we'll look at ten signs of a healthy relationship that can help you determine if your relationship with your partner is sustainable.

10 signs what a healthy relationship looks like

Photo: Natalia Deriabina

Trust is a key component of a healthy relationship. If you know your partner is trustworthy, honest, and loyal, you can trust them.

  1. Good communication is important in any relationship, but it's especially important if you live together and share a household. Couples who have been able to communicate effectively can maintain a deep connection even during a big fight and therefore resolve conflicts more quickly.

  2. Respect is also crucial. Both partners should sincerely and consciously respect each other's opinions, thoughts, and feelings. In a healthy relationship, no humiliation, name-calling, scolding, or harsh criticism is allowed.

  3. Common interests and hobbies bring you closer together. Enjoying activities together is a pleasure that brings you closer and heals you.

  4. Support is also essential. Healthy couples support each other's goals and dreams and help each other through difficult times, even when it's challenging.

  5. Equality is vital as well. Both partners are equal in the relationship, and each has a say in making important decisions. Which decisions are important is also decided jointly.

  6. Deep emotional and physical intimacy. Intimacy in a relationship may be different for each couple, depending on their desires, needs, and expectations, but it is there. You feel that special bond between you.

  7. You can spend time apart as well. You know how to entertain yourself, and you have friends or hobbies just for you. It helps to keep a better focus on your thoughts and feelings and to look at yourself from the outside.

  8. Forgiveness is also an important aspect of a healthy relationship. You are willing to forgive each other for mistakes and don't hold a grudge. You understand that everyone makes mistakes, and no one is immune.

  9. Emotional stability is crucial. Being safe and comfortable is an essential aspect. A healthy relationship is one where, even in the most difficult times, you feel safe around your partner.


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