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How to play

What are the rules? 
The rules are: you take a card, read the question carefully, and decide if you want to ask the other person a question or if you don't want to hear about it at all. You can read out the questions and answer right away, one at a time, or you can give yourself time to fill in the meaning and answer later or in writing. You can quickly run through all fifty questions, or you can savor each one and take no more than one card a day. 

How does it work? 
The very fact that QQ. Let's talk in your home already says a lot. You're interested in self-discovery, you really care about your relationships, you're willing to take risks. The next conscious step is to read the question and track your reaction to it. Do you want to ask it? Do you not like it? Why? Are you excited about it? Why? Do you have any expectations about what the QQ cards should ask you? Can you guess what kind of answer you will hear? Can you open your mind and just accept the answers, without judgment? 

Is there any advice? 
Just one: please be kind to yourself. If you really do dive deep and the QQ questions raise difficult feelings inside, then please take care of yourself and your feelings. Give yourself a rest and dose the psychological load.

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